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Elderly Gate number 9 (or 5)

Pips:lab returns to Budapest to give an impression of what could Wolfgang von Kempelen have done with a laptop. Every element of the show is produced live, rhythm, sound, lumasol, animations, and immediately chopped up – remixed and pasted into their audio-visual inventory. Music varies from jazz and heavy metal up to songs for children. They have a great impulse to be creative and innovative. Getting the audience involved is a must, but it is also important to know that they have recently started filling up their virtual immortal space using their latest mind uploader invention.

Nowadays PIPS:lab consists of 7 members: Keez Duyves (artist/inventor), Stije Hallema (musician), Steven van Hulle (DJ/ producer, Rednose Distrikt), Bas Vos (camera), Daan van West (composer), Thijs de Wit (actor) and Marieke Zigmans (managment) .

Goal of this collaboration is to create new art forms out of interdisciplinary combinations. The final product has many shapes. It could be a concert, theatre play, an interactive installation or something completely different.




Műcsarnok, 17 May 2007, 6:30 p.m.
Merlin, 18 May 2007, 11:30 p.m.


Műcsarnok, Budapest XIV. Hősök tere Tel: +36 1 460 7000

Merlin, Budapest V. Gerlóczy utca 4. Tel: +36 1 317 9338/177

Special thanks:

Bipolar projekt
C3 Foundation
Mondriaan Foundation

The Wolfgang von Kempelen Media Art and History Exhibition is on view till 28 May 2007 in the Műcsarnok, after which it is open at the ZKM between 23 June and 19 August 2007.