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30 March 2007 , 2 p.m.:
Lecture of Zoltán Almási, followed by a simulated chess match with Zoltán Almási

27 April 2007 , 2 p.m.:
Hexa chess presentation with László Rudolf, and Zoltán Almási – Csaba Balogh's advanced chess game; competition judge: György Fazekas

4 May 2007, 2 p.m.:
Blind chess-playing: Péter Prohászka – Róbert Ruck, and Péter Prohászka on analytical programmes; competition judge: Zsolt Korpics

18 May 2007, 2 p.m.:
Lecture by Iván Bottlik on the history of chess, and 9-round lightning tournament; tournament organiser: György Fazekas