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Installation, 2007

Ukiyo Camera Systems has been developing state-of-the-art aids and forms of action for human interaction for nearly twenty years. The Office for the Development of Camera Technology and New Media stands for passive communications strategies and active forms of refraining from doing something. The “harajuku” mobile phone, which is being introduced here for the first time for testing, constitutes a new generation of hand-held cell phone. The mobile phone is an important telecommunications medium in everyday urban life. Telephone rituals change public life. Conventional manufactu­rers and technologies have left the immediate environments of users. The use of the mobile 'harajuku' and the application code suggested here will lead to the radical expansion of the mobile network to the user's immediate range.

In their individual use and duration, these four basic sounds have an enormous non-verbal spectrum. Due to the self-organizing network,
there is no contractual obligation or charges, and you act on your
own responsibility.

A completely new understanding of telecommunication with the aid of the translingual code can emancipate and reactivate interhuman
communication. A good connection. Worldwide. Ukiyo Camera Systems 'harajuku' mobile phone.

Text: Georg Winter